Why does my MongoDB data not get restored on my new server?

MongoDB restore didn't work as expected

Posted by Michael Sundstrøm on 2016-02-16

Yesterday we experienced (Pun intended) a very strange behaviour when moving a Sitecore analytics database to a newly installed server. 

Using the normal mongodump/mongorestore commands 

mongodump --db Sitecore_Mongo_Analytics --out d:\mongodumps\
mongorestore --db Sitecore_Mongo_Analytics d:\mongodumps\

the data was backed up but when using mongorestore the database to the new server the data did not get restored. We only got an empty database. 

It seems that MongoDB 3.2 is not compatible with MongoDB 3.0.9 (The source of the original backup)

Thanks to my collegue Lasse Aagaard Pedersen for helping solve that little mystery.