Digital Asset Management is not scarry at all

A story about setting up a connector for Digizuite

Posted by Michael Sundstrøm on 2017-09-08

I have been asked to install and configure a DAM system for one of our clients. I was a bit anxious since I have actually used the product and did not know what to expect. Using a Digital Asset Management system is a lot different that using the media library in Sitecore, I thought. My fears have been shamed.

The client decided to use Digizuite. A good choice in my book. It has a connector that installs into Sitecore by using a simple Sitecore package. Nice and easy.

Digizuite installed the server product themselves so I did not have to do anything there. The Sitecore package installer installed the connector and with very little effort (Most of the hickups was due to our ageing build system)

After the installation we had to implement some functionalities. I decided to get my hands dirty with a simple module that get a single asset and displays it on the page. This was quite easy with very little hazzle.

All in all my experience as a hardcore backend developer is very pleasing. It was very easy to setup and very easy to get the first pages up and running.

I will write more post as I advance further in my adventures with Dam for Sitecore and Digizuite.