How to Pair Ikea Bulbs With Conbee 2

A small guide to pairing your bulps with Conbee II

Posted by Michael Sundstrøm on 2020-09-03

I have started the journey into the rabbithole that is smart home automations/Home Assistant.

Doing so I have gotten a little frustrated when realizing that almost every guide to doing anything is a 5 minutes YouTube video. Therefore I decided to do a series of guides for pairing bulps and other perifirels with Conbee

You need a Ikea bulb and an way to turn the light on and off relative fast ;-)

  • Put the bulb into a lamp (I usually use a small desklamp that is not used)
  • Set the Conbee to search for lights
  • Turn the bulb on and off five times. The bulb should register with Conbee within a minute or two

Easy, and you didn’t even have to watch a 5 minutes video ;-)

If you are more into Philips Hue Bulbs check out my post on paring those here.